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Moonshine Autumn Bellydance Gala – Naimah 2

Sep 7, 2023

It’s one thing to have complete control over lighting, etc. – it’s quite another to work with action, in extremely low, color lights. It is so satisfying to emerge with a few images, however flawed, that manage to say something. In the end, it’s my favorite way to work – in spite of the exhausting labor bringing out what is deeply hidden in a travesty of an exposure. Here are five more of Naimah from the Moonshine Autumn Bellydance Gala at the Opera House. A quick confession… I have no idea as to the importance of, or preference for different dance positions, so if there are a couple of similar shots, I’ll include both.

The intro shot, my favorite here, it the most lighting compromised. But I love the almost regal pose and expression. It’s also greatly cropped form a much larger horizotal, adding even more graininess. Looks best small… Here are the rest of Naimah…

All of these are, a little larger, in the folio for this production HERE, in the new folio division for Hafla and Bellydance – accessable from the home page. This is the second, along with Rogue Swan, series from the Havre de Grace subject matter that has had to be spun off to its own index. There will be a number of further additions to this particular Hafla’s page.