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Gentlemen Prefer Sax

Jan 21, 2024

As I finished up with the New Years Eve images from the Vandiver, I realized I missed two – so I thought I’d post them alone, finishing up 2023 – I can trim the site archives down some, putting the year’s postings into a pdf. The intro shot is Matt Casarino and Jason Bock The second shot, below is Caleb Gordon on drums. I’ll have to talk to drums and keyboard about hamming it up a little.

I’m adding these to the Rosie Jack folio HERE

On a personal note

I thought I’d take this opportunity to clarify what the heck is going on with my heart. Fortunately I have a strong heart, otherwise it wouldn’t toloerate the stress that my shit electrical system is putting on it. I had a double lasso pulmonary vein ablation 17 years ago – that's where they put cameras and tools up through your legs into the heart and burn for over 6 hours (at the time). Well, it all finally went kaput – looks like it short circuited around the scar tissue.

The new version of the operation, still putting all that crap into the heart througn the legs, quickly freezes rather than the slow burning. Much faster and far less recovery time. I will have that done February 7. In the meantime, it’s like running a 6 cylender engine alternating between four and five of them. Last week it took three days in the hospital to render me unstable in a tolerable enough form to send my home – roughest nights of my life. Good news is that I can work at the computer – but exertion in any form is rather off the table. Rough on my running. My apologies for missing events I wouldn’t pass up for anything if I could avoid it.

Everyone has been wonderful offering to help. The girls, all out of state, have been showing up to do the driving back and forth to the hospital – and one stayed during the roughest days. Nan and Tamara from Riverview shoveled the driveway. We would have caught this situation sooner if my very strong adverse response the May covid shot (lasting months) hadn’t masked the signs.

Today I will lend my favorite camera of all time (the Fuji X-t5) out so someone who can hold a camera still, etc. can get the exposures for me. 

Doc says I should have my mojo back by March