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I Get a Nice Shout-out on YouTube…

Feb 8, 2024

Now that I have my heart beat back, I can report on wwhat was happening during my down time. Strong heart / crap electrical system. It seems that in January my book The Moon has been Eaten got a shout-out from a big-time YouTube photography channel (along with a couple of other books). As a result this blog has already reached its average of 1500 unique visitors this month.

And there has been a notable upswing in downloads of my pdf eBooks. So far this month, through yesterday, 97 copies of “The Moon has been Eaten" have been downloaded. To my great satisfaction, so have: 36 of “Looking Back - The Negative Years”, 16 of "The Strange Case of Rogue Swan”, 10 of “Acadia. a Portrait”, 6 of “Rogue Swan Enters the Silver Scream” – along with 8 copies each of Volume 2 and 3 of the Easter Island books. Ps: I am working on my first Havre de Grace book now – target this Fall.

The eBooks page is HERE these are all optimized for iPads and readers

I’m, hopefully, posting the YouTube video below the body of the blog, lets see how that works out……… well, that didn’t work – here’s the link: