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Again, Missed Work – The Addams Family

Mar 21, 2024

2023’s season at the Opera House included The Addams Family musical. I was fortunate enough, and temporarily stable enough, to shoot the dress rehearsal – we thought it was to die for. While I managed to get the color images to the Director, off and on electrical issues with my heart stopped me there – after which I got caught up in other projects and neglected any b&w. Now that I am out of the repair shop, wiring fixed and seemingly as good as new, I’m revisiting missed opportunities – especially for inclusion in the book coming out this Fall. Doc says only to hold back from stepping too hard on the accelerator for a few more weeks.

This selection certainly isn’t complete. It’s just my initial choices from which to draw for a book spread. A Folio and/or PDF on the site will have to wait…

Spring is upon us, and Havre de Grace will be blooming. I’m glad I’ll be ready for it…