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This is Havre de Grace…

Mar 4, 2024

Nan, my editor and chief, has decided on the image. Here’s a quick screen shot of the cover for the book i’m working on for the fall. Of the approximately 120 pages, I probably have the easier thirty done, arrrrgh. Tentative plans are to put it on Kickstarter in the Fall, selling for $35.00. The book will consist of three fairly equal sections I call: Around Town / Dancing in the Street (festivals and First Fridays, etc.) / and Performance. It covers my local shooting from 2017 through this coming summer. Most, but not all, of the images were posted to This is Havre de Grace and You Know You’re from Havre de Grace When at some point.

I grabbed this shot at the grand opening of Graw Alley in October. Holding the camera as far over my head as I could reach, I wanted the effect to look as much like being at a live race as possible. Since it wasn’t posted at the time, it serves a double purpose here now. The faint white line down the left indicates the roll-over to the spine – the title, etc. will be on there also. Of course, the red spell-check line under the name will be missing too.

A lot of work to do – it helps to be recovering, if slowly, from my most recent battle with my heart’s electrical system. Three days in the hospital in January to get me back to semi-stability and a Chryoballoon Ablation in February. Damn it’s nice to have something approaching a regular heart beat again. Already up to 40 minute power walks, slow-jogging within a week now – I WILL be doing 5Ks again later in the year. In the meantime, I’m working on the book, making our wheat and raisin bread, and trying to perfect my process for french baguettes (flour, water and salt – it’s all in the doing).

Around the 15th of this month I will print this up at about 16.25x21.5 and get it into RiverView befor it Closes. It will handle larger (even much larger) but that would have to be a special order.

p.s. The shout-out I got on YouTube for my Easter Island book, while it didn’t increase my “unique visitor” number all that much (around 2200), it did make for a considerable increase in downloads of all my pdf ebooks. In February "The Moon has been Eaten" was downloaded (in English for a change) more than 130 times (a good hundred more than usual). At the same time downloads of all of the rest at least tripled.