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Back to Shooting but first an important re-do –'23 Rogue Swan "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"

Apr 28, 2024

I recently reworked this version, feeling that it is better than that posted. One of those exposures in need of more work than available at the time – half a day. Now that “I’m baaaack” and working up some “Reefer Image” images, and due to begin with Rogue rehearsals almost immediately, I thought I’d post this one. Rogue Swan does put on one heck of a show – without following rehearsals, being able to anticipate what is coming, it would ber impossible to do them justivce.

One little setback – as good as I feel, and strong, I’m finding swinging around four pounds of camera/lens tracking stage action for two to three hours is more tiring on my arms than I anticipated. But by the time I have to do my next full show, I won’t feel a thing.