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"Reefer Madness"

May 1, 2024

The opening shot here is my favorite from the State theater’s production of Reefer Madness – the focus was a little soft, but I still love the shot. When I get to shoot something other than Rogue Swan, I’m not familiar enough with the show to know what’s coming and be able to anticipate shots.

This was the main female character after her first whiff of Reefer. The first shot below is the pair of them “before”. The the young gentleman is pressured into his first joint, followed by a coupe of more from the show. All in all an interesting spoof on the 1030s. I could possibly add names here later if they are forthcoming:

I added these to the front of the Misc. Events folio (at least temporarily whild I set up a State Theater folio) where they can be viewed/downloaded ful size HERE. Alex Fintak played the young innocent fella gone bad – his future mother-in-law told us to give her a copy of this next to last shot for threatening to show their kids some day.

Another Rogue rehearsal this evening……