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Venue Nightmare and Tara's Back…

May 13, 2024

The music room at the old High School, now the Star Center, has been turned into a construction workshop. This last rehearsal was held there – with walls, floor and chalkboard reflecting very much that it is now a workshop – paint splatters, smudges, etc. everywhere. No matter how good a shot might be, it required so much labor to fix the “background” that I told Nan” “Next time just tie me down and let Nate dance on my face – it will be easier”.

Anyway. Tara Vin is evidently betweem traveling performance contracts, so she is back in the cast fot this show. Close-up below. In the intro shot Katie's working to choreograph the mid or peak moment in a dance sequence. And I do mean moment – to catch it I have to shooty five frames a second and start a little before.

April and katie are front and center for this number…

Cast takes a break to watch a video of the number they are working on:

Again, larger HERE.