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More Rogue Rehearsal Faces

Jun 23, 2024

Three more of the faces of rogue rehearsals. When the action is that fast, and the lighting that bad, one never has those moments of just knowing that the last shot was the one. The best one can do is hope. Even if you have time to check the exposure to see, which is rare, ut’s not a close enough look. The intro image is Emily, Jess and Melissa in a show moment. To have facial expressions be seen by the audience, they have to be exaggerated – this is the stage where they are all working on that. A very few do that from the beginning, most of them wait.

The next shot is of Lilli – Attistic director – with the script and her little sister Jazz…

At a certain point in the show the mermaid has to be carried to the water tank – no fins as of yet. the more precarious a carry or lift scene is, the more it is practiced. Here Alex and Caleb carry in Emily, the mermaid…

In the Folio HEREI’ve been at the rehearsals and am still not as sure of my ability to keep up with the pace in shooting the show itself. I have to beready to anticipate all the key moments – without that, covering a Rogue Swan, fast moving, fast paced production would be impossible.