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OK Lilli, Remember that Solid Red-lit Exposure…… magic

Jun 26, 2024

Every once in a (long) while I feel like a magician. The exposure for the intro file here was solid red – stage is red-lit for the number, Hey Big Spender, and this was at the darkest point. Forty rough minutes later, working from seemingly nothing, I emerged with this, immediately calling Nan in to show it off. If somebody would ask me at this point what the formula is, I would be at a loss – a lot of throwing “stuff” at the wall to see what sticks.

Second here is from a great skit-number with Jimmyo and Katie. This isns’t official dress rehearsal yet, so I’m not sure about costuming (many are wearing them tho). I like this one so much, and they are friends (brother and sister reminiscing their childhood introduction to an Alice Cooper performance) along with the song, that I’ll print it up for hanging in my studio…

Finally, for now, James halts Will making off with April’ belly dance sword – leaving his violin. Will’s part master violinist, part 8 year old boy looking to get into trouble…

I apologize for not keeping up with the rehearsal folio – they are all still in blogs going back a couple of weeks. I will catch up next week. Lilli sent me a request list of twelve – ouch. I got so wrapped up in these three here that I’m not sure what else might get done today – and a dress rehearsal tonight, arrrgh. 

Anyone seeing this and living close enough – come see this. The venue, Star Center Havre de Grace, is large enough that advance tickets are not necessary. And Friday is a community thing, pay what you want at the gate (no matter how little). This is all great stuff, a redoing, rechoreographing works from ten years of shows.