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Acadia - A Portrait  A look back at my 1982 project

40 images, 88 pages, 8.5x11 HB

For my on-demand printing I use only Bay Photo Books (one at Nations Photo). Good printers are expensive but produce a reliable, quality product – if interested in any of those, please contact me.

Looking Back The Negative Years

78 images, 92 pages 8.5x11 HB

The Moon has been Eaten / Se comió la luna

Images from a Year on Easter Island • 2012 English and Spanish / w/Rapanui image titles.10x11 inch HB with dust jacket - 98 images - 224 pages - anecdoted images. Printed offset tritone b&w locally - edition of 500 - image info - project notes - includes 7x9 signed original of jacket image.

The Moon has been Eaten • Volume II More Images from Easter Island 2016

A Bay Photo print-to-order volume, edition of 10 - 8.5x11, 108 pages HB w/dust jacket - English only.

Wilde iPhone Window Painting Series – a Havre de Grace Street Mini-Project

46 images, 48 pages, 8.5x11 HB

The Strange Case of Rogue Swan – the Opera House Performance (limited availability)

140 images, 114 pages, 10x10 HB - covers rehearslas through final performance

When it comes to photo books, it's just not the same but these still give me a lot of satisfaction. I find it amazing how many are downloaded every month, especially Se comio la luna, the Spanish version of The Moon has been Eaten – more than everything else combined,

Free iPad optimized PDF eBook versions of these volumes and more…  HERE

The Moon has been Eaten • Volume III This volume is designed to fill in the gaps, putting into a third book and pdf volume what are now some of our favorite Island images. The finishing touch to the project. 120 pages with more images than volume I & II together. A more personal, people and project oriented volume. Bay Photo print-to-order volume limited to an edition of ten, with an initial printing of four.


includes priority mail shipping

Free pdf eBook only

Free pdf eBook only

Free pdf eBook only

Free pdf eBook only

Free pdf eBook only

Free pdf eBook only