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Easter Island

Rapa Nui

Isla de Pasqua

Images from a total of three years on the Island between 2006 and 2016. Broken down by book volume – I, II and pending –  and requested categories: Tapati Rapanui 2007, Tapati Rapanui 2008 and Roberto Pakomio Tribute

The "Negative" Years

The four collections, Acadia National Park, Harford County, Misc. Scenics and Portraits, were originally exposed as B&W negatives and are also featured in my books Acadia, a Portrait and Looking Back: The Negative Years

Havre de Grace

Street and Performance

Ongoing project photographing our home town. Divided into over a dozen sub-folios including First Fridays, Pride Days, Haflas, etc.

Rogue Swan

While centered in Havre de Grace, has earned its own folio section and index. I volunteer with the non-profit vaudeville and performance group as a photographer and at the same time get to have a lot of fun with my b&w work.