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Some of my favorite Artists

Nancy Craig • Paintings in Acrylicnancraigart.com

Caron Sisko

Imaginative books for young children. Caron also does her own illustrations and book design.   https://www.facebook.com/caron.sisko.books

Dave DeRan

Dave's periodic Open Studio events are well worth attending. Roxanne keeps everyone updated through Facebook.   https://www.facebook.com/search/str/dave+deran/keywords_search

Lyon Clay Studio

Their December Open Studio in the barn is always well attended. Go early.  http://lyonclay.com


Cat and Rich populate the world with wildly popular, adoptable monsters. http://claymonster.net

Maria Annegarn

Unique clay work that is very difficult to resist.  www.mannegarn.com

Tamara Stickler

Polymer clay and mixed media sculpture. Some imaginative stuff.


Jack Radcliffe

Biting and sympathetic social commentary photography. B&W and Color.

www.jackradcliffe.org •  www.behance.net/JackRadcliffe

Sharon Furner

Bright, colorful paintings along with blogging…  http://sharonfurner.com


Click on Image to download zipped full color poster file of Roberto Pakomio.TIFF Prints 18x25.2 at 240dpi 56mb.

Blowin' in the Wind in Rapanui, Spanish and English


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The Moon has been Eaten Volume I in Spanish

The Moon has been Eaten

Images from a Year on Easter Island

The Moon has been Eaten

Volume II – More images from Easter Island

MoeVarua Magazine

Easter Island Journal and other Blog Archive PDFs can be found on the ARCHIVE page…


Roberto Pakomio videos full size (large files):

In English and Spanish. Plus the site can be switched to English on the top/left. These things are wonderful small freebie magazines with great articles and images.

The Strange Case of Rogue Swan

The Opera House performance