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Easter Island

– Hard bound, Signed,10x11, smythe bound, quality paper, 98 tritone images with anecdotes

– Printed and bound locally, supervised by the artist

– Image titles in Rapanui, English and Spanish • map of island • glossary of Rapanui terms • Image thumbnail index with technical information

– Spanish translation of text beneath English

– Numbered and signed on the title page

– Includes signed original print printed book-page size. Cover image is default if no alternative request is made. If you want to make a one, simply check out the images in the Easter Island folio at jamescraigphotography.com and include your selection in the Comments box with your order or contact me in reference to your order.

eMail comments from original "The Moon has been Eaten" owners:

"Visually stunning"

"I have looked at and read your book cover to cover.  Wonderful piece of work.  You have made the place come alive in a way the travel shows and brochures never did"

"What a wonderful book. When Juanita saw it she exclaimed "Oh wow", something she has NEVER said about any of the books I have written (and there have been quite a few. Of course, they are all math ….)"

"This morning I finally got the mailbox with your book. I have to say that the book is way much more impressive than I had thought"

"You go guy!  I love the book" 

"Wow, I love your book! So much work has gone into it – well done!"

"I just finished reading every word of your beautifully written book.  It brought back wonderful memories of Suzanne's and my four days on the island last fall and provided a wonderful flavor of what a long-term stay would have been like."

~ Hand Numbered Printing of 500 ~

Easter Island ~ Isla de Pascua ~ Rapa Nui ~ Land of the Giant Statues

These B&W images are the result of over a year on the most isolated island on the planet. Created as full-sized exhibition pieces, they can now be found in my book: The Moon has been Eaten, each accompanied by anecdote – original prints are sold with a copy of its book anecdote attached to the back. Learn more about the project, view images, etc. at my sitejamescraigphotography.com

Easter Island Project Book

One of the images in the collection was taken during a total eclipse of the moon, the Rapanui phrase for which is also the title of the book.

Ko Kai 'A Te Mahina ~ Se comió la luna

The Moon has been Eaten

images from a year on easter island ~ imagenes de un año en las isla de pascua

Fine Art Coffee Table Book, 500 copies, signed, smythe bound, heavy paper, 98 tritone images, printed locally, includes small original print, iPad friendly pdf of book. More info…

From the Flyleaf:

"Since the printing of The Moon has been Eaten in 2012 I have added a number of images to the 98 in the original Easter Island portfolio. Some were either overlooked at the time or left out for specific reasons. A couple were shot with the iPhone camera and wouldn’t hold up to the size goals I set for the project, and a few more were shot on return trips to Easter Island to deliver books, taking advantage of the opportunity to fill in some gaps. In the end, if viewed as an independent entity, it makes for a pretty eclectic collection of B&W images. It is meant as an addendum or supplement to the main volume and completes my B&W portrait of Easter Island."


The Moon has been Eaten

Images from a Year on Easter Island

The Moon has been Eaten (tritone printing of 500 – this is a large book) – $45

More Images from Easter Island (print-to-order printing, limited to 10 copies)

Number 7 is available for $275 (price subject to change)

Both The Moon has been Eaten & More Images from Easter Island – $300 (price subject to change)

-Free shipping in the States-

– Hard bound, Signed,8.5x11 w/ sturdy dust jacket. 108 pages, 53 new images.

– Printed high resolution with Pigmented Inks on heavy paper, the equal of what I print my larger prints on, making every page a work of art.

– Numbered and signed on the title page – limited to 10 copies.

four  remaining –

– iPad optimized PDF of both volumes available for download free HERE

The Moon has been Eaten

Volume II – More Images from Easter Island

from BayPhoto Books a work of art

* If ordering both books, choice of original print, 9.5 inches in the long direction on a 9x10.5 sheet, an image from either volume may be stipulated.

I use Bay Photo Books for the ultimate in quality photo-book printing, for which the word "book" is something of a misnomer.

They are high resolution fine art B&W prints done straight from my print files, with the same pigmented inks that I use on my display prints, on a double sided version of the same paper I print on, and then hard bound in embossed black linen. Even the jacket is quality printed and coated for protection.

Nan: "It's tempting to ask people to wear white cotton gloves to handle the thing".