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2017/2018 @ Artists Emporium

Early Rogue Swan

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April bless one out with background from the entire troop.
April Monique
Marion Jackson • Moxie
L.H. James
Katie Gordon
Katie being Katie
Jesse Hutchinson
Tara Vin 1
Tara Vin 3
The finale number • everyone gets into the act

2017 into 2018 Rogue Swan, just getting started, did a few free-to-the-public performances in the spacious Artists Emporium Gallery in town. We attended three of these, and I asked if it was alright if I took a few pictures. This was something of an experiment for me – new camera system, lenses more suitable for field work, extreme iso, etc. Of course, I posted some of my results in the blog here. I've revisited the exposures, reworking most and expanding on the number of these that I am including here. They add a beginning to the ongoing story of Rogue Swan.